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Company Profile

BEIJING MULTIFIT ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is a high-tech plant dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and construction of photovoltaic power plants of solar power and other green energy,Headquartered in Beijing, production base is located in Guangdong Shantou High-tech Development Zone.

We focus on the technology development, production, sales and system integration of solar panel cleaning robots, power inverter supplies, solar LED street lighting systems and the supporting products,Design, development, investment, construction, operation and maintenance of solar power system projects and electrical automation projects.

Multifit was founded in 2009,Based on providing the world-class small-scale photovoltaic power plants for civilian solutions and innovative research and development of renewable energy electrical products,we have cultivated a group of sales and R&D teams with ideals, experience and technology.The product has obtained more than 10 patent certificates.Our products are approved by various buyers and are enjoying a good reputation among them.Now it has been exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Latin America and others,there are more than 50 countries and regions in the world.we never stop to try our best to Step electric energy technological mountain on new heights and enhance the customer’s satisfaction and awareness.

Future,Multifit is committed to improving the renewable energy industry,and continues to develop more efficient and cost-effective solar solutions to bring more green and electricity into our lives.Based on the photovoltaic industry,Strive to build the company into a respected first-class photovoltaic enterprise.

Corporate Culture

Mission: High efficiency and energy saving, let more people enjoy the green energy.

Values: Rigorous and focus, communication and cooperation, responsibility and honesty, diligence and innovation

Vision: Focus on the civil and commercial inverter technology and intelligent solution. continues to develop more efficient and cost-effective solar solutions to bring more green electricity to our lives.

Slogan: Enjoying work.

Management Idea

Our company stick to the development mission of "efficient energy saving, let more people enjoy green energy", based on the photovoltaic industry, and strive to build the company into a respected first-class photovoltaic power generation enterprise.

Talent Idea

Adhering to the concept of " the success of each employee is the success of the company", the company regards the employees as the most important resources and the most valuable wealth of the company, provides employees with competitive advantages of salary, welfare benefits and learning and training opportunities, and strive to create a good talent growth environment, so that the company becomes a place of talent, talent, talent, talent.  We firmly believe that the company needs to have the corporate culture atmosphere recognized by all staff, clear corporate strategy, clear development goals, loose and harmonious working atmosphere, rewards and punishments clear work system, which can fully stimulate the maximum potential of employees, to achieve the dual success of personal and corporate career.


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